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Workplace Harassment Management

DCSM helps clients create and maintain a harassment-free work environment by providing management and oversight for an organization’s workplace complaint intake and resolution procedures. We offer a turnkey, independent and confidential process that your staff can rely on. This includes:


  • Confidential intake and screening of all harassment complaints submitted by your employees and contractors

  • A private orientation with each of the main parties involved in a complaint to explain what workplace harassment is and outline options available to resolve the issue, including mediation

  • Completion of objective and fact-based workplace investigations, as required, with accompanying reports

  • Coaching for your leaders as they facilitate the return of the workplace to normal


As independent managers of these processes, we have completed hundreds of orientations and helped employees reach successful resolutions of their complaints, often without an investigation.


Using us to serve as third-party managers for these critical processes builds employee trust in your organization’s commitment to a harassment-free workplace.

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