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Organizational Assessments

An organizational assessment enables leaders in a workplace to get a better understanding of their organization, while giving staff an important opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns in a way that protects their identity. The DCSM team engages with the staff, managers, and leaders in a work unit to understand workplace dynamics and the current state of the workplace. Hearing the views of individual staff in a confidential interview allows our experts to quickly develop an in-depth and unbiased understanding of the day-to-day challenges and strengths of the workplace. We apply those insights to crafting a plan that offers focused recommendations which respond to the most pressing concerns.


This in-depth examination of your workplace can be tailored to address the needs of small or large work units.  The scope of our analysis includes evaluation of leadership styles, personnel issues, governance, employee capacity, workflow, organizational structure, and corporate culture – all of which lead to clear and actionable recommendations.


Having completed more than 20 organizational assessments across a wide range of sectors, we have the experience to serve as trusted partners in helping identify issues and implement changes to improve your organization.

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