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Workplace Harassment Investigations

Complaints of harassment in the workplace are serious and require a response. DCSM provides proven and discreet expertise in conducting thorough, fair, objective, and independent investigations. DCSM’s team has completed more than 270 investigations for a wide range of employers across Canada, including governments and institutions at the federal, provincial and municipal level, healthcare providers, K-12 education, post-secondary institutions, Crown corporations, unions, regulatory bodies, policing, the not-for-profit sector, political organizations and private corporations.


Our experienced investigators will guide you through the steps that employers are required to follow in responding to complaints, while ensuring a process that is fair to all involved. Our reports are thorough and written in plain language so all parties can clearly understand our findings and conclusions. 


Once an investigation is complete, we are available to work with leaders to restore the workplace to normal operations as quickly as possible.


Our team has led investigations into complaints that include all forms of workplace harassment, bullying, violence, sexual harassment, and racial and gender harassment and discrimination. We also conduct personnel and misconduct investigations.

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